Who will meet in Super Bowl 51?

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Green Bay takes on Atlanta, Pittsburgh faces New England.  Who do you think will win?


Green Bay Packer vs Atlanta Falcons

There is all this talk of Matt Ryan being the MVP this year but the Dirty Birds better not sleep on Aaron Rodgers.  Hollywood is digging into Rodgers personal life, nevertheless that will not distract one the finest quarterbacks around.  The family may air their dirty laundry to reporters but I would expect Rodgers and the Pack to be prepared for the Falcons.

The Falcons have all the pieces in place this year.  The Falcons have home field, a good running game, good defense and the play calling of Kyle Shanahan for “Matty Ice”,  going against the worst passing defense in the league.  There is no way they can lose.  Right?


Pittsburgh Steelers vs New England Patriots


Someone pulled the Steelers team hotel alarm at 3AM this morning. This is not the first time a rival of the Patriots has been the target of a false alarm.  What now, ALARMGATE?  Seems suspicious because it happened in Boston but I am sure Belichick had nothing to do with it…WINK!  Steelers fans better hope that their offense can put up some points this week.  Field goals are not going to get the job done.  Tom Brady is mad.  Deflategate just pissed him off and he wants vengeance.  He is about to take it out on Ben Roethlisberger’s team.  Even with the best running back and receiver in the league, I don’t see Pittsburgh beating the Patriots in Foxborough.   I expect to see the Patriots win their 9th Lamar Hunt Trophy.



Fantasy Football Duds: Week 15

The Backup Punter

Aaron Rodgers

Fantasy Football Duds from Week 15 in the NFL.  Just when I thought Peyton Manning‘s Week 14 appearance would be the most unexpected showing of the season, Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers proved me wrong.  This week’s Dud Team features two Packers, a frustrating star Rookie and every fantasy owner’s nightmare: the “active” decoy player.

QB1:  Aaron Rodgers  –  185 passing yards, 2 INT  –  27 rushing yards

I’ve watched nearly every snap of nearly every game in Aaron Rodgers’ career, and I’m not sure if he’s ever looked more out of sync.  Rodgers wasn’t on the same page as his WR’s, his throws were behind, the game plan was garbage and the Bills played great.  He was 17/42 on the day.  This will be the ultimate outlier, but for fantasy owners who lose their playoff game by anything less than 15pts, this hurts.  A lot.

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