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The Leon Lett Thanksgiving Game

Where were you when you watched this game? The NFL Network will rebroadcasted the classic 1993 Thanksgiving game between the Dolphins and the Cowboys last year for Thanksgiving.

If 1993 doesn’t ring a bell, think Leon Lett. And snow.

Here’s part of the news release sent by the N.F.L.:

The Thanksgiving defeat was the Cowboys’ final loss of the season as they won their next eight games including Super Bowl XXVIII.

This NFL Classic Games telecast featured the complete NBC broadcast with announcers Dick Enberg and Bob Trumpy calling the action along with all of the network’s original graphics. The game was watched by 38.4 million viewers on NBC and is the most watched NFL regular season game in the last 19 years (since 49ers-Giants on ABC Monday Night Football drew 41.5 million on December 3, 1990).

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

NFL Players Give Six Reasons Thanksgiving Football Can Stink


Ask an NFL player how it feels to play on a day most Americans are relaxing in front of the TV with a belly full of stuffing, and nearly all will say the tradeoff is worth it.

“It’s your opportunity to be the entertainment,” says former NFL linebacker Bart Scott, who played on Thanksgiving for the New York Jets in 2012. “You know everyone in America is watching you,” says former Detroit Lions quarterback Scott Mitchell, who played in three Thanksgiving games with the Detroit Lions in the 1990s. “And that’s a cool thing. I never felt deprived. If you think about it, a lot of people go and play football on Thanksgiving anyway. We just felt we had our own little pre-Thanksgiving pickup game. It just happened to be on national television. In front of millions of people.”

For Hall of Fame Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Michael Irvin, the…

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Top 5 Thanksgiving NFL Football Games

WCCO | CBS Minnesota

MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) – It’s Thanksgiving week, which means three things for most people across America on Thursday — family, food and football.

And it’s not necessarily in that order. But it’s an annual tradition for Thanksgiving that families gather together and remember what they are thankful for. We all try to say we’ll be healthier, but then that changes when you look at the turkey, stuffing and mashed potatoes. The food coma arrives, finished off by the pumpkin pie and then an afternoon of watching football on the couch ensues.

For the die-hard football fans, the TV watching starts with an appetizer as there’s always a game before the early dinner. And a holiday full of traditions is no different in NFL standards. Essentially since the concept of football on Thanksgiving Day started, the Detroit Lions and the Dallas Cowboys always play. This year, the Lions face the Bears in…

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