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Johnny Manziel pulled over after domestic argument, alcohol involved

The topsy-turvy NFL career of Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel took another turn on Friday when the ABC news affiliate in Cleveland reported he was involved in a domestic argument earlier this week, and alcohol was involved.

Manziel, the second-year Browns quarterback, was involved in an argument with his girlfriend from Texas Christian University, Coleen Crowley, newsnet5.com reported. The incident started at 6 p.m. on Monday, according to the report. According to the police report, Crowley accused him of pushing her head into a car window. According to the police report both Manziel, who spent about 10 weeks in rehab this offseason, and Crowley were drinking but not charged. According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Manziel told police he had two drinks, and his girlfriend was impaired.

The newsnet5.com story, citing the police report, said a witness called police after Manziel’s white Nissan used the shoulder to pass her at a high speed. The couple was arguing and Crowley attempted to exit the vehicle while they were on the road. This is from newsnet5.com:

In the report, Crowley told police Manziel pushed her head into a window. She wanted her cell phone because she was concerned about her safety and said she just wanted to return to Texas.

The report stated police did see an abrasion on Crowley’s arm but later determined that the abrasion was from Manziel’s attempt to keep her from getting out of the vehicle while it was on the road.

On Friday evening, Manziel tweeted an explanation:

Police determined the couple wasn’t intoxicated enough to be charged, Crowley didn’t want to press charges, so they were allowed to leave the scene in Manziel’s car.

Crowley put out a statement on her Instagram account:

“J & I are good. I appreciate the people who stopped to check on us and call the police, I could see how it may have looked. Anytime anyone sees a guy and a girl arguing on the side of a road they should definitely stop, you never know what that could be. Fortunately it was just an argument, it was private, and we are all good!”

The report is troubling in a few ways. Manziel spent time in rehab this offseason for an unspecified reason, and he has asked that the circumstances surrounding that stay in rehab remain private. Manziel’s partying before this year has been often discussed on social media. He was released from rehab in April.

Browns general manager Ray Farmer released a statement, via Cabot:

“We were aware of the situation,” Farmer said in the statement. “It is a matter that we take seriously and have expressed our concerns to Johnny directly. Those conversations will remain private and we will refrain from further comment at this time.”

Tony Grossi of ESPN Cleveland said that a team spokesman said Manziel will be active for Sunday’s game.

When he was out of rehab he released a statement apologizing to many, including the Browns. This is part of the apology:

“I owe private apologies to a lot of people that I disappointed but a very public one to the Browns organization and the fans that I let down. I take full responsibility for my actions and it’s my intention to work very hard to regain everyone’s trust and respect.

“I understand that will take time and will only happen through what I do and not what I say.”

Manziel got a chance to start in Week 2 because of an injury to starter Josh McCown, and led the Browns to a win. Many thought Manziel should have been given a chance to start for Cleveland going forward, but the Browns stuck with McCown. But Manziel’s NFL future looked much brighter than it had for months.

After this latest incident, it appears again that Manziel might have to start building up trust again in the Browns organization.

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Gambling experts concerned about fantasy football sites

Fantasy football is big business. Going from the office pool to the internet, where leagues pay out on a weekly basis. And that is the real concern for those who work to stop problem gambling -the easy access to these football betting sites that are gaining in popularity.
fantasy football cheat sheet
These are the TV ad’s dominating the airwaves. For fantasy football websites, Draft Kings and Fan Duel – that offer one week leagues with the potential for high payouts.
“It is exciting,  fuels your competitive drive,” said Lance Kaster of Green Bay.
Kaster, a member of the Local 5 production crew,  has long played in fantasy football leagues with friends.
Now he competes against people around the world.
“There are leagues that only cost you $2 to enter all the way up to a few hundred dollars,” said Kaster. “For me I only enter the lower money leagues.”
“For most people, they can do it for fun no issue,” said Rose Gruber from the Wisconsin Council on Problem Gambling. “But there is that percentage of the population where that can be dangerous for them.”
Gruber says the WCPG doesn’t have any statistics yet on who is playing on these sites and how often they are logging in, but she is urging players to be cautious.
“You don’t always know who’s at high risk,” said the WCPG’s executive director. “So even if they were a social gambler, if they have risk factors, it could turn into a gambling problem.”
Gruber says signs of a gambling problem are depression and anxiety, gambling more often and increasingly spending more money.
“You want to pay attention to that because it is a good sign they may be crossing over that line – turning from social gambling to a real problem,” Gruber said.
She fears these flashy ads, drawing thousands of people in each day, may lead some like Kaster to cross that fine line. But this young man says he has everything under control.
“It is for fun,  if I win money great, if not I lose out.  But it’s not the worse thing in the world,” Kaster said.
The council has a hotline if you have a gambling problem. It’s 1-800-GAMBLE-5.

Jay Gruden: Stop Calling Me Fat

Washington is such a hilarious disaster, man. We’re not even done with the preseason, but the starting quarterback is shell-shocked and fed up, and the head coach is talking like a man who’s already in the middle of a 3-13 campaign. Here’s what Jay Gruden had to say to the press yesterday (via the Washington Post):

Coach Jay Gruden, left, observes quarterback Robert Griffin III during warm ups in Cleveland Aug. 13. (John McDonnell/The Washington Post)

That’s all we’re trying to preach as coaches, man. Block out the negativity surrounding this franchise, and it’s our job as a football staff and football team to go out and change the perception of this franchise. That’s what we’re trying to do. But we have to go out there and prove it and do it to get the negativity out of here.

This team is 0-0! This is a time when coaches and players and fans are supposed to be feeling optimistic, not openly talking about the organization’s poisoned by negativity. Gruden went on to say he was taking all of the criticism that’s been lobbed at him in stride, but he’s not cool with people calling him fat:

“I really dislike the guy that called me a fat ass,” Gruden said with a laugh, referring to CBS Sports radio host Scott Ferrall. “That really ticked me off. I don’t mind you critiquing my coaching style, but to make fun of my weight, that’s unfair. I’m only 225 [pounds]. But other than that, man, it’s football.

The quarterback hates his life, everyone hates the team, and the head coach is publicly responding to fat jokes made at his expense. What a franchise.


Number crunch: Best, worst Week 12 fantasy matchups

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