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2017 Draft: Fantasy Football Winners and Losers

After months of prospect evaluation, the NFL draft has come and gone. Now that we know which rookies have landed on which teams, we can begin to assess the fantasy football landscape for 2017. Here are two winners and losers …

Source: www.fantasypros.com

The 2017 NFL Draft is finally over!  Thank God.  Now get to finalizing the teams and get ready for the regular season.

Mel Kiper reveals one QB is separating from the pack in the 2017 NFL Draft

While there is little consensus over who is the best quarterback in the 2017 NFL Draft, Texas Tech’s Patrick Mahomes II might separating himself from the p

Source: www.all22.com

I watched this kid last year and he looks legit.  He is a gunslinger and they say he can’t run a pro style offense.  I say he can.  

Woman About to Get Power Shut Off Is Stunned That ‘Generous Stranger’ Paying Her Bill is on NFL Team

Colts punter Pat McAfee pays electric bill for 115 Indy families

Colts punter Pat McAfee can kick and make people laugh. But maybe more importantly, he also helps people out.

Thursday night, Indianapolis Power and Light Company tweeted that McAfee paid electricity bills for 83 families.

Source: ijr.com

Kudos to Pat McAfee spreading some joy to a bunch of families this Christmas!  With things going viral on the internet, this should be a trend that more professional athletes should get behind.  Stuff like this make a real difference.  Merry Christmas Pat!