2015 NFL Playoffs (Wildcard) are finally here!

Today begins the NFL Playoffs. Even though this is the Wildcard Weekend, I still can’t wait to see how the games shake out. After all, this website is devoted to NFL football, so I only have a few precious weeks left to enjoy games.

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First up is the Chiefs-Texans game. How did Houston get into the Playoffs? I remember watching HBO’s “Hard KNocks” this summer and thinking, “no way can this team get into the playoffs.  Sure they have JJ Watt and Arian Foster, but it was only a matter of time before Foster got hurt (Alfred Blue is no Arian Foster). Watt can’t carry the team by himself. They surprised me though and made it in. Now they have to go against the hottest team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, with Jeremy Maclin and Alex Smith. Good luck there!

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The Steelers vs Bengals game is the one I am most excited to watch. No Andy Dalton? Maybe AJ McCarron looks to get Cincy off the schneid. Hopefully the cameras will pan to AJ’s smoking hot wife. Sorry, lost my train of thought. Can the Bengals beat the Steelers? Judging by Big Ben’s comments this week about Martavis Bryant, I doubt it. With the recent PSA from a local Cincinnati radio station claiming that “This is a severe Big Ben Roethlisberger update from 700WLW. The tri-state is currently under a severe Big Ben warning from now through early Sunday morning”,  I would think that the Bengals need to be more worried than the local women of the area. Big Ben will be throwing to Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant and Marcus Wheaton, especially with DeAngelo Williams out. Even though McCarron has AJ Green and Tyler Eifert, he has never played in the NFL Playoffs. The Bengals have also lost 7 straight Post-Season games. Edge to the Steelers, in my opinion.

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The Seahawks play the Vikings in Minneso-cold. Is Beastmode playing? What about Linval Joseph? Not sure but this game looks to have the excitement coming from Russell Wilson vs. Adrian Petersen. I think the edge will go to Russell Wilson, who reminds Minnesotans of Fran Tarkenton, but with a much better Super Bowl record (the last loss for Tarkenton was to the Raiders in Super Bowl XI). Tarkenton is in the Hall of Fame but I bet he would love to see the Minnesota Vikings as World Champs. May not happen the way Seattle has been playing

rodgers vs cousins copyLast but not least, the Packers play the Redskins…in Washington! Who would have thought that Washington, would be hosting Aaron Rodgers and the Pack? Remember RG3? Neither do we. Kirk Cousins is the man in DC now.  You like that?! You like that?!  DeSean Jackson and Kirk Cousins lead the way for the Skins against a struggling Green Bay team.  The reason I say struggling is due to their injury situation.  Most teams are banged up right now but the Packers have been hit pretty hard, especially on the O-Line.  Aaron Rodgers will try to carry the offense but with Kirk Cousins and the West Coast offense he is running this could be a shootout. Does Rodgers still have enough bullets to pull it out even with 18 players on their injured list?  Normally I might say yes but Cousins and the Skins are tearing it up right now. I see the Redskins and DeSean Jackson’s “Chip” on his shoulder winning this one at home. See what I did their with the Chip Kelly reference.

Let the games begin!

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In Adam Jones’ mind Marvin Lewis helped save his NFL career and even his life

Adam Jones opens up on Dan Le Batard Show

Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

There’s no doubt in Adam Jones’ mind that Marvin Lewis helped save his NFL career and even his life.

Adam Jones‘ NFL story is one of failure, perseverance and turning it all around to overcome the odds.

Failure came when Jones was suspended for the entire 2007 NFL season for multiple arrests and infractions committed over his first two seasons in the NFL, the biggest of which was being involved in a nightclub shooting that left one man paralyzed. He was also arrested and charged with felony vandalism after an altercation at a nightclub in July 2005.

Meanwhile, Jones was struggling to find a role on defense as he was an electric kickoff and punt returner. He failed to so with the Titans and then Cowboys after Tennessee shipped him to Dallas for a fourth-round draft pick. Jones was cut by the Cowboys in 2009 and was out of football that year.

That’s when the perseverance kicked in as Jones worked his way back enough that theBengals and head coach Marvin Lewis took a chance on him for the 2010 season. Though Jones ended the year on I.R. with a neck injury, he showed flashes of that same dynamic returner while also being a capable cornerback in Mike Zimmer’s defense.

That’s where the reclamation comes in as Jones begins developing into a stud cornerback that Cincinnati begins putting on opponent’s best receivers while more than holding his own. Jones has become the No. 1 corner and a leader for a Bengals’ defense that has helped spark Cincinnati’s 4-0 start this season.

None of this would have happened without a call from Lewis in 2010 to give Jones a tryout with the Bengals. Jones talked about that call and how it helped change his life while on ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Show on Wednesday.

“The best way to describe is if you’re stuck in the hole and you don’t have no one but God,” Jones said. “And everyone has turned their back on you, and you look up and it’s light up at the tunnel, but where you’re standing at it’s dark, dark as hell. You gotta be strong man to come out of those kind of situations and trust in yourself and believe in God and do all the right things to try and get back.”

There’s no doubt in Jones’ mind that Lewis “literally” helped save his life by making that call and giving him what was likely his final opportunity to play pro football.

“When Marv called me and gave me the information and told me he was going to bring me in and work him out, I think that opened up another light in my life and showed me, ‘Hey, this is your last chance and you gotta take advantage of it,'” Jones said.

After the way Jones’ career went in his first six seasons, he never would have thought that he’d be playing this well into his 30s and 11 years into his career.

“Me and my agent had this talk the other day,” Jones said. “He’s like, ‘Who would have said you’d still be in the league at 32 years old?’ My body still feels good with all the ups and downs that I’ve been through.Thank God I got to sit out for three years and my body is still up and running and it feels good. I always said to myself that I’m going to get the last laugh out of this. I just try to work extremely hard, keep my head down and let everything else take care of itself.”

Jones also admitted the nickname Pacman was something he preferred to not be called, given it was his name during his troubled days with the Titans and Cowboys, though it was his mom that originally gave him that name.

“It’s hard to keep my family and mom from calling me that,” Jones said. “But at the stadium, pretty much everyone calls me Adam. Every now and then on Sunday, the fans will call me Pacman. Besides that, I’m Adam to everybody, but I can’t change my mom because she gave me that name.”

Jones’ journey is nothing short of miraculous, and it’s great to seem him telling it in hopes of helping others avoid his mistakes while showing those who do that they can still turn their life around.

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From the Cincy Jungle

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NFL draft: Tyler Lockett undervalued, Bud Dupree overvalued


Tyler Lockett’s a versatile threat, but he gets lost in a loaded receiver class. Meanwhile, Bud Dupree’s allure is more about potential than production. Daniel Jeremiah redistributes pre-draft hype.

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Former NFL player shares his money mistakes in new book

Former NFL Player Phillip Buchanon Pens ‘New Money: Staying Rich’

Former NFL player shares his money mistakes in new book

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BlackEnterprise.com recently had a one-on-one with NFL vet Phillip Buchanon. Buchanon was drafted by the Oakland Raiders and before retiring from the sport, the athlete played for the Houston Texans, Bay Buccaneers, Detroit Lions and the Washington Redskins. These days he’s exploring new terrains with his brand Octocanon, a name he chose to reflect his multiple professional endeavors.

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The baller turned businessman is the author of a novel, New Money: Staying Rich,  and a children’s book series. In our exclusive talk,  Buchanon opens up about all of his endeavors and his passion for using his mistakes to educate others.

Phillip says it was his aunt who suggested he share the decisions he made as a professional athlete and what he should have done differently. With an injury freeing up his time, Buchanon was inspired to write a novel and complete his education at the University of Miami.

“While I was in school I just started writing,” he says. “I wrote a chapter based on family. I was going in pretty hard on the family, but it’s not to embarrass my family members. It’s to educate other people that are coming into new money.” One of the biggest mistakes Phillip says he thinks professional ballers make is “being uneducated on how to handle money and not understanding how to handle their family.”

Of his time on the field, Phillip says he also found many of his peers to solely trust their financial advisors with their money matters. In New Money: Staying Rich, he stresses that young adults coming into “new money” need to select mentors who have no financial gain by helping them. Financial advisors may or may not have a newly rich client’s best interest at heart, he warns. A trusted mentor can double check the counsel of financial advisors and advise the new professional accordingly.

Other chapters touch on friends, living the Hollywood life, and it wouldn’t be a pro-athlete read if there wasn’t some mention of the ladies.

We found the retired vet to be immensely passionate about using his own wrongs to potentially deter others from repeating similar financial mistakes. Even children, too. Buchanon is developing Little Phil’s Financial Educational Series, a collection of books to teach kids about money. “If I was younger and could have been educated on money, maybe it could have helped me as far as understanding the value of money,” he says.

Still in the works for Buchanon are comic books and board games. The baller has seemingly found his place in what he calls “edutainment” and is running full speed.

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