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Supreme Court ruling paves way for ex-NFLers to receive benefits

The Supreme Court of the United States declined to consider several outstanding appeals.

Source: www.nydailynews.com

It’s about time.  The league has been stalling this for years.  Us former players may get some financial reward but it will be nothing compared to all the previous pain some of the old timers have gone through.  Head trauma is real but at least this is a start.  I still feel the military and our boys in blue should be taken care of better than NFL players, but there isn’t as much money to be made there.  They are the true heroes.

2015 NFL Playoffs (Wildcard) are finally here!

Today begins the NFL Playoffs. Even though this is the Wildcard Weekend, I still can’t wait to see how the games shake out. After all, this website is devoted to NFL football, so I only have a few precious weeks left to enjoy games.

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First up is the Chiefs-Texans game. How did Houston get into the Playoffs? I remember watching HBO’s “Hard KNocks” this summer and thinking, “no way can this team get into the playoffs.  Sure they have JJ Watt and Arian Foster, but it was only a matter of time before Foster got hurt (Alfred Blue is no Arian Foster). Watt can’t carry the team by himself. They surprised me though and made it in. Now they have to go against the hottest team in the NFL, the Kansas City Chiefs, with Jeremy Maclin and Alex Smith. Good luck there!

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The Steelers vs Bengals game is the one I am most excited to watch. No Andy Dalton? Maybe AJ McCarron looks to get Cincy off the schneid. Hopefully the cameras will pan to AJ’s smoking hot wife. Sorry, lost my train of thought. Can the Bengals beat the Steelers? Judging by Big Ben’s comments this week about Martavis Bryant, I doubt it. With the recent PSA from a local Cincinnati radio station claiming that “This is a severe Big Ben Roethlisberger update from 700WLW. The tri-state is currently under a severe Big Ben warning from now through early Sunday morning”,  I would think that the Bengals need to be more worried than the local women of the area. Big Ben will be throwing to Antonio Brown, Martavis Bryant and Marcus Wheaton, especially with DeAngelo Williams out. Even though McCarron has AJ Green and Tyler Eifert, he has never played in the NFL Playoffs. The Bengals have also lost 7 straight Post-Season games. Edge to the Steelers, in my opinion.

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The Seahawks play the Vikings in Minneso-cold. Is Beastmode playing? What about Linval Joseph? Not sure but this game looks to have the excitement coming from Russell Wilson vs. Adrian Petersen. I think the edge will go to Russell Wilson, who reminds Minnesotans of Fran Tarkenton, but with a much better Super Bowl record (the last loss for Tarkenton was to the Raiders in Super Bowl XI). Tarkenton is in the Hall of Fame but I bet he would love to see the Minnesota Vikings as World Champs. May not happen the way Seattle has been playing

rodgers vs cousins copyLast but not least, the Packers play the Redskins…in Washington! Who would have thought that Washington, would be hosting Aaron Rodgers and the Pack? Remember RG3? Neither do we. Kirk Cousins is the man in DC now.  You like that?! You like that?!  DeSean Jackson and Kirk Cousins lead the way for the Skins against a struggling Green Bay team.  The reason I say struggling is due to their injury situation.  Most teams are banged up right now but the Packers have been hit pretty hard, especially on the O-Line.  Aaron Rodgers will try to carry the offense but with Kirk Cousins and the West Coast offense he is running this could be a shootout. Does Rodgers still have enough bullets to pull it out even with 18 players on their injured list?  Normally I might say yes but Cousins and the Skins are tearing it up right now. I see the Redskins and DeSean Jackson’s “Chip” on his shoulder winning this one at home. See what I did their with the Chip Kelly reference.

Let the games begin!

– the4519

Is Peyton Manning going to start Monday night against the Bengals?

Does the NFL exploit the poor?

According to Bryant Gumbel, the NFL is exploiting the poor and it isn’t even a good product:

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Malcolm Gladwell has written that within 25 years, it will be socially unacceptable to be a football player. I think that’s fast-forwarding the process. But I don’t dispute the idea that that’s what it’s going to come to. That’s what is to a certain extent already. It’s a game played by the poor for the benefit of the rich.

None of these prep schools have football teams. You look at where football flourishes. It flourishes in the poorest states. It flourishes in Mississippi, in Alabama, in West Virginia, Texas.

It’s because it’s an opportunity for people who don’t have education, or job opportunities, to make something of themselves, to get out. To a certain extent, it’s already close to being a game played by the poor for the benefit of the rich. They’re not giving away tickets to Giants stadium. You sit up in a luxury box the guys down there on the field don’t come from your background. I don’t know. Will we get there? I think we’ll get there. At what point, I don’t know. 

For all of its flaws—and there are a zillion of them—as an entertainment product on the television landscape, sports is still pretty good. I think the NFL probably is not a very good product now. But college football’s a pretty good product. I feel guilty watching it.

I read this from Bryant Gumbel this morning and wondered where the idea that the NFL exploits the poor and is a “not a very good product” came from?

If we are comparing the NFL to the S&P 500 I would say the NFL is an average product.  If I were to compare the NFL as a sports product, I would say it is the one of the best brands in the world.  Everyone has opinions about professional sports, good or bad.  Some people love to watch the game on Sunday, some people don’t.  That’s ok.  There are plenty of museums or movie theaters that get plenty of patrons regardless of what sports event is on at any given time.  If you aren’t into the NFL there is no one putting a gun to your head making you watch.

Bryant Gumbel on the today show

I get tired of people like Bryant Gumbel always bagging on the NFL.  When he says the NFL is a game that exploits the poor to benefit the rich, we know what he is talking about.  Gumbel ironically started out his career as a co-host of an NFL pregame show called “Grandstand” in 1975.  He co-hosted until 1982.  7 years covering the NFL…before it was the billion dollar monster it is now.  Hmm….seems to me like Bryant helped build the brand.  So if Bryant Gumbel has such a problem with the NFL exploiting the poor, why did he take jobs in the past to help promote the product?  Why did his brother, Greg Gumbel, host NFL Super Bowls and countless NFL games and television shows if the league is so exploitative?  I think the answer is simple: poor is code word for black.  Reading through some of Gumbel’s controversial comments over the years I see the evolution of a person who used the system to springboard his career to get where he wanted.  For all of its warts, I love the NFL.  I love the game, I love the fans, I love the players and the teams.  If someone feels the need to bash the sport, then go ahead.  You have the right to your opinions and there are plenty of other great sports out there.  To me,  it seems to make no difference that on Bryant Gumbel’s climb to the top he forgot where he started.  Ironically, he may have exploited the NFL to get him to where he is now, even if he is not poor (or black).

-the 4519