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Number crunch: Best, worst Week 12 fantasy matchups

nflvia Number crunch: Best, worst Week 12 fantasy matchups – NFL.com.

NFL 2014: Our Five Best Bets for Week #11


As a side-note for those of you in Fantasy Leagues, remember that this is the last week for making trades in most leagues. Good luck to all… Here now are this week’s Five Best Bets.

*Home team in CAPS

BROWNS -3 over the Texans- For Cleveland and their fans, this week is one of historic proportions as it is the first time a Browns team has been in first place in the AFC North this late in the season in 20 years! With quarterback Ryan Mallett making his first NFL start for the Texans, we’re surprised the spread is as small as it is especially with a banged up Arian Foster and Jadeveon Clowney.

Falcons (pick) over the PANTHERS- Normally the Falcons aren’t  a good bet when on the road but besides beating the Buccaneers by 10 last Sunday, Atlanta is just a better team than Carolina who is coming off of a 24 point loss…

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The Cowboys Don’t Need Dez Bryant

One Sports Writer's Opinion.....

In this sports writer’s opinion, the Dallas Cowboys don’t need Dez Bryant. Don’t get me wrong, Bryant is a very important part of the Dallas offense, but is he more important than Demarco Murray or Tony Romo? NO

I don’t think the Cowboys would have a problem paying Bryant the money he is asking for if it wasn’t for his off the field troubles. Reports are that the police has shown up at his house several times over the years including an incident involving his mother.

But make no mistake, he can be replaced and I got just the replacement for him; Amari Cooper of Alabama.

Cooper is the best wide receiver in college football and he also seems to have little to no baggage. I can see a scenario where the Cowboys in a  blockbuster trade, get rid of Bryant to move up in the draft to get Cooper…

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Thursday Night Fantasy Starters: Sammy Watkins, Dan Carpenter And Miami Defense