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NFL National Anthem Protests Sink TV Ratings To Five-Year Low

The league is in denial about a significant reason for the decline in its TV ratings.


Gee……you don’t say!


The NFL’s TV ratings plunge has been consistent throughout the 2016 season. Even though a Rassmusen survey revealed that 32% of respondents were less likely to watch the NFL due to the players protesting the national anthem, the NFL brass is in denial.


Everyone who studies statistics and digital analytics knows the NFL ratings are down because of the protest from players. The NFL better get a grip on this now.  People want to watch the game and not political messages or protests.

Are NFL TV ratings in trouble?

What is the impact of Colin Kaepernick’s national anthem kneel?


I have been trying to avoid the whole Colin Kaepernick issue but I had to write a little something now that he has been named the starter again.  He can protest all he wants, I don’t have to agree with him but lately I have been reading about the declining TV ratings for NFL football games.  I get the feeling the NFL is not going to panic anytime soon.  Colin Kaepernick would like to think that his pregame protests are having an effect on viewership but that remains to be seen.  Is he the modern day Rosa Parks or Ghandi or whoever?  Perhaps.  I personally don’t care what he does.  Putting aside the racial component of this,  I get bored by the involvement of politics/protests in entertainment.  Much like I hate when an actor espouses their views on politics, I equally can’t stand when a professional athlete has to take the attention away from a game.  If they want to tweet or Facebook their opinion outside the game, fine.  Let them deal with the feedback there.


I would love to see demonstrations during professional sports or Hollywood award ceremonies set aside for the audiences sake.   Most of us pay for entertainment because we want to escape (and yes we pay if it involves cable/satellite, going to a game or a purchasing a movie ticket or Redbox),  even if for a few hours.  We work 40-60 hours a week and just want to socialize or enjoy the moment without stress.  Actors and athletes get paid to entertain.  Plain and simple.  The money they earn comes from the people who pay to watch.  A Supreme Court Justice is calling Kaepernick’s protests “dumb and disrespectful”.   I agree but my point is the distraction of the protest.  I am tired of the distractions.  We get enough clutter in our daily lives from the 24 hour news cycle, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, group text messages, you name it.

mahmoud abdul rauf national anthem

You get the point.  I just want to watch a movie or a God damn football game in peace.  Leave your message to another venue.  Pay for your own stadium or theater and invite people to that event.  If they show up then you know your voice is being heard your way and not irritating others that want an escape.  I am not trying to take away from his message.  Whatever he thinks is wrong with this country is on him.

chiefs protest

I am old enough to remember the late 70’s and the beauty of the 80’s.  Life was simpler then.  I was excited when MTV came out and it let me escape with mindless hours of music videos.  No messages, just entertainment.  No internet, no twitter, fewer cable channels, no cell phones.  Back then NFL games or movies were majestic.  Big events, great escapes.  Terrorism was distant, the world was safe to travel, there were no selfies or Kardashians!  I love America.  I loved it then and I love it now.  There is only a handful of times I experienced discrimination and it happened during my college years (all the intellectuals there!).   I am Mexican and have a some insight into the racial side of life. I studied sociology and criminal justice in college, played professional football and had plenty of friends of every race, color or creed.

brandon marshall sucks

The irony about all this has now come full circle.  A lot of people have said Kaepernick isn’t starting because of his protests, or because he is black.  Some have said Chip Kelly cut previous black stars like DeSean Jackson and LeSean McCoy (see the idiot known as Skip Bayless) because of his racial views.  Colin Kaepernick is going to start again for the San Francisco 49ers so I think that puts that issue to rest.   I think it’s safe to say that the ratings for his upcoming game will probably get a big boost.  Your welcome NFL, I don’t think your ratings will be in trouble this week.

Jarryd Hayne’s NFL debut

World reacts to Jarryd Hayne’s NFL debut

IT’S been less than a year since Jarryd Hayne announced he was leaving Australia to pursue his NFL dream — but today that dream became a reality.

These days he’s catching a pigskin instead of a Steeden in a game that values forward passes instead of penalising them, but the man from Minto in Sydney’s western suburbs showed he would never forget where he came from.

After his San Francisco 49ers beat the Minnesota Vikings, Hayne posed for a photo with fans holding an Australian flag. And it sure meant a lot to him.

“That was good (posing with the flag). It was a bit emotional seeing that flag and that brought back memories, realising how far I’ve come and I guess everyone supporting me,” said Hayne.

“Even coming to the game listening to a couple of church songs, that emotion getting stirred up, realising how far I’ve come and how far my faith’s led me. It’s been a great journey, everyone back home has been incredible.”

In an emotional Instagram post, Hayne thanked all his supporters and said he was “proud to represent the flag”.

jarryd hayne 49ers, jarryd hayne fumble, jarryd hayne fiji, jarryd hayne nfl, Rugby League International Federation's International Player of the Year

It was not the start Hayne and his massive Australian following had been hoping for in his NFL debut though.

When he was thrown into the game late in the first quarter for his first taste of NFL football, he fumbled a punt, losing the ball and it was recovered by the Vikings.

Hayne was seen cursing as he made his way from the field for the San Francisco 49ers.

Speaking to Australian radio duo Hamish & Andy on 2DayFM 104.1 after the game, Hayne said he couldn’t have imagined a worse start to his NFL career.

“You’re just like, ‘S***. What worse could have happened?’ It was just one of those things, you just worry abut the next play and that’s it,” said Hayne.

He was adamant the mistake had nothing to do with nerves, and was pleased he managed to move on and get a first-start win.

“I was good, I felt good and I just got mixed up with the read when the ball was in the air.

“It was great, obviously I started awful but it was great to bounce back and get a couple of carries and watch the boys do their thing.”


Commentators and social media also had their say on Hayne’s horror start.

“This is a crazy game … that ball ate him up,” commentator Trent Dilfer said. “There’s a bit of wind in the stadium tonight but that is an inexcusable mistake for Jarryd Hayne.”

ESPN writer Paul Gutierrez said Hayne’s debut “was an inauspicious one, to say the least” after claiming he was a “somewhat surprising inclusion” in the active roster to begin with.

jarryd hayne 49ers, jarryd hayne fumble, jarryd hayne fiji, jarryd hayne nfl, Rugby League International Federation's International Player of the Year



Hayne likened his first-quarter blunder to his Origin debut back in 2007 when a pass in his own in-goal led to a Queensland try.

“I did a similar thing in Origin in my debut game,” Hayne said. “I gave away a try. I threw the ball when I shouldn’t have. It was kind of similar. Like, s***, I didn’t want that to happen,” said Hayne.

“I just had to move forward.” “I obviously was disappointed, for it to be on “Monday Night Football” in front of that many eyes.”

Hayne said it was tough to reflect on his journey because he knows he’s still got so much more to learn.

“I guess it’s tough to look back and look how far I’ve come because everything happens so fast over here,” said Hayne. “I don’t go into meetings thinking that 12 months ago I was in Australia playing another league. I’m just in there and learning and doing my best.”

While all his supporters were cheering when they found out he’d made the 49ers’ active list, Hayne revealed there was no special moment where he was told he’d be playing.

“I didn’t really find out … I got a couple of reps about two days ago and that’s when it started ticking over that I might get the call up,” said Hayne.

“It wasn’t really clear. It was just one of those things you rolled into and I was like, ‘Alright my jersey’s there, I’m playing.’”


Jim Tomsula has been reluctant to contribute to the hype about the Hayne Plane during the pre-season, but he offered support to the 27-year-old when asked about his performance.

“Sometimes things happen,” Tomsula said. “Jarryd has a mindset, in my mind, that he’ll overcome (it) … I’m very happy with Jarryd.”

Without referencing Hayne’s blunder directly, Tomsula praised the 49ers’ special teams outfit for overcoming adversity in a post-game locker room address.

“You young guys, you rookies, we’ve been talking about you for a little while now … special teams, a couple of things happened there, but you overcame it. You understand that? You overcame it, we’re fine,” said Tomsula.

“We own it, we fix it, we move on.”

49ers beat reporter Cam Inman reported that Hayne also received encouragement from special teams coordinator Thomas McGaughey, who advised him to forget about his dropped catch and worry about the next play.


The Sacramento Bee’s Matt Barrows summarised it best when it was confirmed Hayne was set to suit up for the 49ers.

“You can exhale, Australia,” Barrows wrote.

“Jarryd Hayne, that continent’s favourite son, is in uniform for tonight’s game against the Vikings and presumably will return punts.

“Hayne was excellent at that during the preseason, returning nine punts with an 18.1-yard average and showing an aggressive instinct common to all the best return men.

“The upcoming game, however, might be a bit more challenging.”

Sports Illustrated’s Peter King, for some unknown reason, limited the celebrations to Sydney and the Australian capital.

As the 49ers announced its seven inactive players for the match at Levi’s Stadium — of which Hayne was clearly not one — the team’s website accompanied the statement with the line: “The Hayne Plane is all set for takeoff.”