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Joe Thomas Says He’s Already Experiencing Memory Loss

Browns All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas was a guest on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, and he spoke candidly about the ways in which football may have already affected his brain.


He is only 32.  Imagine when he is in his 40’s like my generation.  We love the game though so we would still……wait, what was I saying?    ……….oh yea.  We would still play again.  No better sport in the world, warts and all!  Boom!

OTL: Concussion settlement takes nasty turn

The $1 billion NFL concussion settlement — six years in the making yet still to deliver a penny to former players for football-related brain injuries — has taken a disconcerting turn.


6 years!  The NFL needs to close this out fast.  With Kaepernick’s National Anthem fiasco last year and the decline in TV Ratings, they would be wise to get this out of the media and pay up.  Just my opinion.

NFL Retired Players United :: Judge Brody to deliver LIVESTREAM video conference on NFL Concussion Settlement

Judge Anita Brody to deliver LIVESTREAM video conference on NFL Concussion Settlement

Wednesday, February 8, 2017 @ 10:30 am EST.


N.F.L. Concussion Settlement Payments Can Begin After Supreme Court Defers


The agreement is by far the largest concussion-related settlement, and a landmark in light of the league’s repeated denials, made over many years, of the links between repeated head trauma and brain disease. The N.C.A.A. agreed to a far smaller settlement, while the N.H.L. is still fighting its former players, who have filed a suit largely similar to the one brought by the retired N.F.L. players.


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