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Goodell Watch | 2017 NFL season football ratings are down

The trend is clear: NFL TV numbers are declining. One big-dollar sponsor, the Papa John’s pizza chain, is pointing a finger at commissioner Roger Goodell for his seeming inaction on player protests.


Averages for NFL games this season have attracted 14.8 million viewers, compared to 15.6 million for 2016.  Hmm.  Might want to squash this soon Roger.  Your time is almost up.  Either way it looks like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns have started to use this to their advantage.  Can you say pizza war!

Fitzmagic Wall of Horrors | Curse of Ryan Fitzpatrick

Be afraid, be very afraid. Fitzpatrick is a Harvard-educated, bearded, specter of misery. His list of exploits is impressive, his tally of victims vast. Fitzpatrick might come to a town near you, and watch out if he does — because misfortune is about to befall your quarterback.


With Halloween coming up it makes perfect sense that the curse of Ryan Fitzpatrick got Jameis Winston.  I’m hearing Jacksonville Fans wish the Jags would have signed Fitz!

Steelers’ Alejandro Villanueva, who stood alone for the national anthem, leads the NFL in jersey sales

Steelers OT Alejandro Villanueva stood alone for the national anthem. His jersey is the NFL’s top seller for the last 24 hours.


Alejandro Villanueva is the anti-Kaepernick.  Yes, he has already apologized for “unintentionally throwing his teammates under the bus” by standing alone for the national anthem.  I think he is showing decency for the flag and our country. He stood for those who stood for him and showed respect for those who served and sacrificed.  It is no surprise that his jersey is now one of the hottest selling jerseys in the NFL.  People love this country and appreciate when celebrities and professional athletes do to.  Mad respect to Alejandro Villanueva and thank you for your service!

Brian Hoyer: ‘The situation in Cleveland was a joke, really a circus’ | NFL Schedule 

The former Browns quarterback is now the No. 1 in San Francisco


When rookie second-round pick DeShone Kizer takes the field for the Browns on Sunday against the Steelers, he will be the team’s 27th different starting quarterback since 1999, when the team returned to the NFL. And out of those previous 26 starters, only one has a winning record as the Browns’ quarterback: Brian Hoyer went 10-6 during his two years in Cleveland. Naturally, the team chose not to re-sign him after the 2014 season and instead anointed Johnny Manziel as the franchise’s future.

The Browns released Manziel after the 2015 season and he’s been out of football ever since.