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NFL training camp 2017: Start dates for each team

NFL training camp begins for many teams this week. What time do NFL training camps open and where will all the teams be holding them at this summer?


Who are the teams to beat this year?  Will Deshaun Watson be the starter in Houston?  Is Mile Garrett the next Von Miller?  Who will be a bust this year?  Will Kirk Cousins ever get paid?  NFL Season is upon us.

Michael Vick said that Colin Kaepernick needs a haircut before he can return to the NFL

“The first thing we got to get Colin to do is cut his hair.”


Couldn’t agree more!  Colin Kaepernick needs to do something to change the way he is viewed if he wants to play again.  If he doesn’t want to play anymore then so be it.  

2017 Draft: Fantasy Football Winners and Losers

After months of prospect evaluation, the NFL draft has come and gone. Now that we know which rookies have landed on which teams, we can begin to assess the fantasy football landscape for 2017. Here are two winners and losers …


The 2017 NFL Draft is finally over!  Thank God.  Now get to finalizing the teams and get ready for the regular season.

Joe Thomas Says He’s Already Experiencing Memory Loss

Browns All-Pro tackle Joe Thomas was a guest on In Depth With Graham Bensinger, and he spoke candidly about the ways in which football may have already affected his brain.


He is only 32.  Imagine when he is in his 40’s like my generation.  We love the game though so we would still……wait, what was I saying?    ……….oh yea.  We would still play again.  No better sport in the world, warts and all!  Boom!