Antonio Brown Slams Raiders for Fines Over Missed Practices

Brown posted a letter from Raiders GM Mike Mayock on Instagram.

mayock to brown


Can’t we all just get along?

AB is at it again.  This time he is irritating Mike Mayock, the GM ofthe  Raiders.  No wonder the Steelers didn’t want to deal with his antics anymore.  Missed meetings and practice, bad helmets, fighting with Big Ben, frozen feet…and on and on.  Get to playing football and STFU!

Good for Mayock.

UPDATE: According to a report from ESPN NFL insider Adam Schefter, wide receiver Antonio Brown and general manager Mike Mayock got into it Wednesday, and the team is now planning to suspend him. There is no word yet on the length of suspension. (Adam Schefter on Twitter)



Antonio Brown posted a Youtube video of his conversation with Jon Gruden recently. Not good.

Jon Gruden and Antonio

Brown Phone Call

So here it is in a nutshell for AB and the Raiders:

1. Freezes feet

2. Skips practices

3. Throws helmet fits

4. Slips walk-through

5. Gets fined

6. Unfollows Raiders

7. Threatens the GM of the Raiders

8. Gets suspended (Sort of)

9. Apologizes

0. Tapes his call with Jon Gruden, which might be a crime in California

11. Posts Youtube Video of Gruden Phone Call

12. Demands to be released



Last Update:

And……. he is a Patriot

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