Christian Fuchs learned kicking the NFL isn’t as easy as it looks

Is Christian Fuchs’ dream of becoming an NFL kicker all talk?


Leicester city have pulled off what some people are calling the greatest achievement in professional sport. The soccer team from England have won the Premiership in the face of money and superstars. One of their players Christian Fuchs believes he has what it takes to become a kicker in the NFL. “That was impressive, very impressive,” Fuchs said with a laugh this week in a telephone interview from Leicester. “I’m still a soccer player, and obviously my main focus is on this season, but it’s a dream of mine to kick in the NFL. And there’s nothing wrong with dreaming, right?” Why has none of these Soccer superstar made the leap across the pond and done it then?

For one thing the position is not as glamorous as the pampered European soccer stars. Kickers are ignored most of the time and when they are needed the amount of pressure put under them is immense. The only correlation I would make apart from the fact that you are kicking a ball is probably a penalty kick. It looks easy enough and everyone thinks they could do it but the pressure of the kick added to the derision if you miss is not for everyone. The atmosphere of an NFL team would be unlike anything they have experienced before too. The macho and aggressive nature will mean that an underwear model Premiership star like Christian Fuchs will be out of his comfort zone for sure.

“I have no doubt that the technique of the players is good enough to kick the field goals I am not so sure with 90,000 NFL mad fans will be something they could deal with. The culture change would be too great”
Source: Luke Michael, BookMakers TV

Former Chelsea and Milwall striker Derek Smethurst who jumped over the pond to Tampa Bay Rowdies soccer said kicking a football is completely different. “The NFL football is harder, tougher on the outside, and the pressure in it is what we used to call a ‘brick’ in soccer, like hitting a brick. When you put the extra ounce of air in it, you might as well make it a brick. The NFL football feels like that in the beginning.”

So if Christian Fuchs wants to kick in the NFL he will have to run through a Brick wall to make it happen!

Article credited to JF Martin

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