Fantasy Football Team Names 2016

These fantasy football team names will make your league laugh…even if your team sucks

Zeke Squad

Dez Dispensers

Green Initiative

Amari 2600

Amari Teenage Riot

T.Y. Dolla $ign

Praise the Jord-y

Tate is Enough

Ain’t No Such Thing as Halfway Cooks

Cobb Deep

Steady Cobbin’

All About the Benjamins

Hurns Notice

All I do is Winston

I’ll Make You Jameis

Dirty Landry

Landry Service

Le’Veon a Prayer

Upper Deckers

Stacked Deckers

Gospel According to Matthews

Notorious DGB’s

All That I Snead

Can You Diggs It?

Boyz N Da Hood

Rawls Royces

Pimpin’ Ain’t Breesy

Brees the Sheriff

Poppin’ Bortles

Bortles Service

Al Hurns and Gurley

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Hyde and Go Luck Yourself

Floyd Rage

Pop-Lockett-Drop It

Hot Lockett

Pocket Lockett

Palmer? I Hardly Know Her!

A Gronk to Remember

DeVante’s Inferno


Death Ertz-tificate

View From Lamar

Chronicles of Riddick

Boom Boom Powell

Keep Choppin’ Woodhead

Bringin’ the Woodhead

Take ‘em to the Woodhead

Land of the Freeman

Parker/Lewis Can’t Lose

Dalton’s Abbey

The Hauschka Always Wins

Creamy Nugent

Gould Members

Scobee Snacks

Yippee Ki Yay Justin Tucker

Here’s My Number, So Call Me Brady


The Tannehills Have Eyes

Dude, Where’s Derek Carr?

The Backfields and McCoys

James Starks of Winterfell

The Gurley Gates

Sanu Jack City

El Gordo Y La Flacco (Just draft Melvin or Josh Gordon and Joe Flacco…it’s not hard.)

Tyrod Lannisters

The Funchess Bunch

Mockingjay Cutler

Giovani Vidi Vici

House of Griffindoor, RG3PO

It’s Von Like Donkey Kong

Stafford  Infection

Lacy Underalls

Rebel Yeldons

Garoppolo by Ralph Lauren

Fleener Than a Junkyard Dog

O-dell No!

Blaine? His Name is Blaine?

Mr. Rodgers’ Neighborhood

May the Forsett be with You

Boldin the Beautiful

99 Problems But a Fitz Ain’t One

Suh-Tang Clan

Suh-and-a-Half Men

Abdullah Oblongata

Frankly, Ameer, I Don’t Give a Damn

Jamaal About That Bass

Peachy Keenan

Ellington Coat Factory

Turn Down for Watt

Rage Against the Vereen

Winning is My Forte

Ladies and Edelman

DeflateGateChronic Masterdeflater

Check My Balls

Discount Belichick

I Spygate
My Ball Zach Ertz

Turn Down for Watt
JJ S.W.A.T.T. Team


You Down With JPP?
Hernandez Hit Men

Wham! Bam! Thank you Cam!

You Kaepernick the Future

The Walking Dez

Dez Does Dallas

Erect Dicker

Geno 911!

Show Me Your TDs

Multiple Goregasms


Julio Think you are?

InGlorious Staffords

In a Van Down by the Rivers

Beats by Ray
Suh Girls, One Cup

Boy Named Suh

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