The dirtiest NFL players of 2014

terrell suggs


The dirtiest NFL players of 2014 are some of the meanest and most hated men to ever play professional football. You probably won’t see these current and former National Football League players earning any sportsmanship awards anytime soon but there’s a good chance their names will be in the news for bone-crushing hits, injuries and losing their tempers on the football field.

Football is a game of physicality, and I dare say, violence. As much as we love it, it is something of a gladiator’s arena, with injury and often life-changing ailments as residual after effects. Given that it is a game which filters for the toughest, hardest-hitting players, there is something of an inevitability to the game attracting players with a penchant for violence and physical abuse.

Everyone wants to wag a finger at these players; but truthfully our telling them to keep it clean is something of a hypocritical art. Can we say there is a ‘right’ amount of violence? After all, we love players that win us games–and if a defensive back launches helmet to helmet on the opposing team’s best receiver and takes him out of the game with a concussion, that could win a team the game. There’s a reason those players are on rosters across the league.

Now, to be clear, I am not condoning any such intentional violence. I’m merely playing devil’s advocate; these players have to survive the trials and tribulations of intense competition to get these roster spots, and some of them know the only reason they did was because of their tone-setting, violent play. However there are a number of players on this list who engage in extracurricular violence after the whistle blows. There’s no place for that in the NFL either, it’s simply unprofessional and rage-driven. But again, this game is often fueled by hatred of your enemies. The line we ask these players to walk is certainly thin.

1. Ndamukong Suh
2. Terrell Suggs
3. Michael Griffin
4. Steve Smith
5. Dashon Goldson
6. Vontaze Burfict
7. Cortland Finnegan
8. Brandon Meriweather
9. James Harrison
10. Bernard Pollard

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