Triple H Sent WWE Title Belt to the Patriots

Basking in the glow of their fourth Lombardi Trophy, the Patriots added another piece of hardware to their trophy case—a championship belt, courtesy of the WWE.
Of course, famous (but actually unpopular!) WWE superstar John Cena is a die-hard Pats fan, but it looks like his in-ring rival Triple H hooked up New England in this instance.
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The belt’s appearance in New England’s Super Bowl parade continues a long history of athletes with championship belts.
Rasheed Wallace famously rocked one during his Detroit Pistons days. LeSean McCoy of the Eagles had his own belt, which spurred LeBron James to acquire his own via The Rock, so then James made the next logical move and bought belts for his entire (then-Miami Heat) team.
It’s unclear what the street value of a WWE Championship belt is now. One has to imagine the price dropped considerably when LeBron bought them for his entire team. Also, for such an important piece of WWE lore—fans are enraged that Royal Rumble winner Roman Reigns even has a shot at the belt—it sure seems like the WWE doesn’t mind handing out the belts like moderately-priced hard candy.
Still, the proliferation of WWE culture can only be a good thing for the wrestling outfit’s brand. It even has a chance to be the second-best partnership the company has ever had.

Triple H

WWE – World Wrestling Entertainment
Triple H Sending WWE Title Belt to the Patriots

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