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Saturday Night Live expertly handles Tom Brady’s balls in cold open


You want the truth about Deflate-gate? You can’t handle the truth about Deflate-gate.

Clueless Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, played by cast member Taran Killam, tries to put the football controversy to rest forSaturday Night Live‘s cold open on Jan. 24. “I don’t know things. I’m not a banker. I’m not a science computer,” he says in the sketch.

Instead, Brady hands off the blame to assistant equipment co-manager Dougie Spoons, played by cast member Bobby Moynihan, who protects the QB better than an offensive lineman.


Hat tip:  MASHABLE


2 thoughts on “Saturday Night Live expertly handles Tom Brady’s balls in cold open”

  1. All this did was harm an industry that is needed right now. After that coach scandal .. Whomever did this..sadly they spend tons of money to find out ..TO DO NOTHING IN THE END .. to me…Accountability should be ultimately at the very top: Ownership .. the buck stops there ..

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