NFL has another no-win situation with under-inflated balls

The Backup Punter


The 2014-15 season has not been good for the NFL.  Off the field, Ray Rice, Adrian Peterson, Ray McDonald and Greg Hardy have caused PR nightmare after nightmare for the league and cast a damning shadow over it’s players.  Now, with the controversy surrounding the under-inflated balls in New England, the problems are spilling onto the field.

A league investigation is still underway into the issue, in which the New England Patriots allegedly under-inflated the footballs that their team would be using on offense.  This would make balls significantly easier to catch, and more difficult for the Patriots to fumble.  Some reports are now creeping out that the Baltimore Ravens also questioned the inflation of the balls in their kicking game one week prior in Foxboro.

In total, the NFL has reportedly found that 11 of 12 balls in the AFC Championship game were inflated at least 2…

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