Hit The Road, Peyt

The Jim Rome Show

Peyton Manning said last night’s showdown in Cincy was like a playoff game.  Then I say, that was another of his patented playoff flames. Bengals 37. Broncos 28.

No home field for Peyt. If he wants another shot at a second ring, he’s going to have to take his old bones on the road.  This was an ugly loss, and it wasn’t one of those fails where 18 can passive aggressively blame it on his teammates.  His wideouts didn’t let him down. There weren’t quote “problems with protection” – the problem was with Peyton Mallard.

The Bengals were duck hunting all night. And they bagged 4 of those quackers.  That’s 2014 Peyton trying to make a 2004 Peyton throw. A back foot, fall away floater? Johnny Manziel thinks you’ve gotta put some more mustard on that one, P. And I think he gave us one of the greatest Manning…

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