The Grudes’ Hatred Of The Griff

The Jim Rome Show

Think of the thing you hate most, I guarantee Jay Gruden hates Bob Griffin even more. Stepping on Gum? Nope. Commercials on YouTube? Not even close. Mandatory Adobe Flash updates? ALMOST. But I still think The Grudes’ hatred of The Griff has got you beat.

Because we hear it every single week.  We’ve seen him set up shop at a presser and systemically dismantle Bobby as a passer.  He’s done everything but roll game tape for the media and carv his quarterback with a laser pointer. And that’s the thing… Griffin is not HIS quarterback. He wants nothing to do with him.

Asked about the suggestion from gasbags that RG3 would succeed in a different offense, Gruden scoffed “I don’t know what offense they are talking about…We run the zone read to try and help him out. We run a lot more play-actions and bootlegs than most teams… If you…

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