Fantasy football: Colin Kaepernick is not your answer at quarterback

Hear & Now

It’s time to stop relying on San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick as a fantasy football starter. Dr. Roto and Tommy G. wanted to make that clear earlier this week on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

After praising 49ers wide receiver Anquan Boldin for his (surprisingly) productive season – the veteran wide receiver has 65 receptions for 825 yards and four touchdowns this year – Dr. Roto and Tommy G. proceeded to take their turns eviscerating the 27-year-old Kaepernick’s fantasy value.

“I will never, and I wanna highlight the word never, I will never have Colin Kaepernick on my team. Ever,” Dr. Roto said. “I hate him … He is so inconsistent that I can’t bear him. Because this match-up [in Week 12 against the Washington Redskins] should’ve been 330 yards and three touchdowns, and another 60 yards rushing. And then he gives us 256 and 14 yards rushing, and at…

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