The WN Fantasy Football Report: Week 11 Starts and Sits

Wayne Cavadi

Week 11. It is a pretty big week for most people, but for me it’s a bit different. You see, in my BFFL, acclaimed member of The Thread, Kid Robot thought it would be an interesting idea to have my fiancé join his fantasy team. Last year was her first year doing fantasy in her own league and she is pretty darn stout. She asked for my tutelage prior to her 2013 draft and learned the rest on her own. Last year, she made the playoffs. This year, in her FFFL, she is in first place. This week I play her. Win or lose, she is one of the biggest Patriots fans there is and I have Tom Brady and Shane Vereen going against her Sunday night. I know that is tearing her up inside.

Last week, we were a few experts short because of busy weeks. Ted Reed was…

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