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Detective Rust Cohle – aka “The Michael Jordan of Being a Son of a Bitch”

It may seem strange to say that Matthew McConaughey needs anything at this juncture, but oddly enough the creeep-show villain in Stephen King’s The Stand might be just the thing to save us from another McConaughiatus. Still riding high on the wave of the McConaissance, with an Oscar in one hand and alegitimate shot at snatching Bryan Cranston’s Emmy with his other hand tonight, McConaughey has his pick of projects. What should he choose? Surethe solid, prestigious leading-man role we’ve seen glimpses of in the Interstellartrailers is a fine start. But the last time McConaughey went pure leading man we got a string of less than stellar romcoms. No, the McConaughey we really want is the one we’ve seen of late. The one unafraid to take risks. The one who, with a few chest thumps, can steal a scene from Leonardo DiCaprio.


We want the gonzo roles like Rust Cohle from True Detective or Dallas fromMagic Mike. And that’s exactly what Randall Flagg in The Stand would be.McConaughey is reportedly being courted for the role of the demonic character who haunts not just The Stand but a number of other King properties, including his most popular books: The Dark Tower series. This isn’t just Rust Cohle redux, mind you, this is pure, gleeful evil.


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