gallery Artist Spotlight: DANK

just sweet that that the artist is DANK!!!!

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Scene Scout

Previously living in a city like London, where art was inescapable, anywhere I looked I could find some trace of graffiti art.  While most of it is rubbish- just simple graffiti artist tags- there are some true finds that can be discovered; if you know where to look.  In my lost stumbling stupor, which lets face it- at that point I had come to accept as normal for me, I stopped dead in my tracks to snap photos of the image imposed on a side street wall.  The color at first pulled me in, amazing shades of bright colors, as well as the subject matter- a geisha poised and posing in the middle of a London alley way.  When I came in closer I noticed the only writing associated with this painting was not the typical graffiti artist ‘tag’ but a full URL directing me to this website

Dan Kitchener, or DANK as he is known in the graffiti…

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