Odell Beckham needs to grow up | NY Giants News

ORLANDO, Fla. — Tired.
That is how John Mara described feeling about the bombardment of questions that comes flying at him whenever Odell Beckham Jr

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Not much to say on this one but GROW UP!  Odell has the world at his fingertips but some bad decisions could derail his future.  We’ve all seen it before with someone as famous as him. There is a pattern of incidents that start, and he has had multiple incidents on the field and off.  I don’t think we need to worry about him shaving his head like Britney Spears did back in the day.  He is to in love with himself to do something like that.

Mike Tomlin’s anti-celebration stance is surprising

Tomlin gave two reasons he doesn’t like celebrations, something his team does more than anyone.

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I agree with Tomlin on this.  The celebrations are stupid.  They may not take away from the game for fans, but for the teams, they are ridiculous.  


These “celebrations” are choreographed.  The players don’t make them up on the spot anymore so they come off contrived.  They aren’t spontaneous so you know they practiced them sometime leading up to game day.  Didn’t they have better things to do during the prep week like film study?! 


My main beef is how juvenile the celebrations are.  Grown men, alleged gladiators of the modern era, acting like high school kids making the equivalent of on field memes.  


This is PRO football.  Professional athletes play pro football.  Yes, it is still a game but It’s become a joke.  The league deserves better from the players.  Act like pros.

Verizon scores huge new deal with NFL | NFL News

Verizon announces an extensive deal with the NFL that will allow it to stream all games across Verizon-owned media properties, like Yahoo, on mobile phones—and not just to Verizon customers.

Source: finance.yahoo.com

The NFL and Verizon agree to a monstrous deal, but will it make streaming online easier?  Will it only be available to Verizon customers?  Either way it is a big win for the NFL and Roger Goodell.  It’s to bad I am on another mobile carrier.

Goodell Watch | 2017 NFL season football ratings are down

The trend is clear: NFL TV numbers are declining. One big-dollar sponsor, the Papa John’s pizza chain, is pointing a finger at commissioner Roger Goodell for his seeming inaction on player protests.

Source: www.sportingnews.com

Averages for NFL games this season have attracted 14.8 million viewers, compared to 15.6 million for 2016.  Hmm.  Might want to squash this soon Roger.  Your time is almost up.  Either way it looks like Pizza Hut and Papa Johns have started to use this to their advantage.  Can you say pizza war!

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